27 December, 2009

Favorite Color Combinations

Each month the Etsy Bloggers participate in an Etsy Carnival Blog.  One of the questions posed this month is ...What are your favorite color combinations?  What do you create using those colors?

About 10-12 years ago I drove to Washington Island which is in Door County on the eastern side of Wisconsin to take a tapestry class at Sievers School of Fiber Arts.... a wonderful school for learning weaving,  quilting, furniture making and many other skills and crafts....http://www.sieversschool.com/

As we started to warp our looms for our tapestry project, the instructor began to lay out all different colors and textures of yarns in skeins, balls, etc. in no particular order on a large table.

Once our looms were warped and ready to go he told us to go up to the table and pick our very least favorite color.  That was an easy one for me as the color chartreuse had always been my least favorite color.  Chartreuse is 50% green and 50% yellow.  It is halfway between yellow and green.  It is one of the teriary colors of the HSV color wheel. 

Our instructor then informed us that we were to use this color in our tapestry project along with whatever other colors we wished to use. It was a wonderful lesson for me.  The chartreuse color was brighter and bolder then any other colors that I chose and it was the one color that brought my tapestry to life.

To this day it is a color which I wear and have incorporated many times into my weavings and also into my jewelry designs.

As for other favorite color combinations, I often use a color wheel.  It is a wonderful tool for discovering colors which complement each other and blend well together. 


  1. That's such a good idea! There are colors I'd never dream of using that I see others successfully use. I love the way chartreuse and brown look together.

  2. I went to school for interior design, and I had a teacher who knew that I hated the color yellow. When he would assign me a project with a made up client, one of the things in the client's profile would be that they loved yellow or wanted yellow used in the design. At first, I could not stand this, but it really taught me to look at colors I do not like and use them in a way that is beautiful . . . I might not have wanted to live in the room I created, but I could still see the beauty in it.

  3. Thanks for sharing that Shawn...how interesting!
    Guess we both learned a good lesson in having to utilize a color we didn't like!