04 November, 2009

FEATURED SHOP - dedeetsy.shop

I first met Deanna when I was putting together a Treasury called 'Acorn Artistry' on Etsy and I featured one of her items.  I found the sweetest little acorn pillow in her shop.  

Deanna's pillows  are just beautiful.  Elegant, whimsical, natural, colorful...there is alot to choose from. She also sews rice filled bean bag bookends which would make a great complement to any bookshelf.   I am so pleased that she agreed to be featured on my Blog.  The following is an online interview with dedeetsy.shop:

When did you first begin to sew? What made you choose to specialize in pillows and home decor?  I started sewing at a young age. My grandma used to babysit me a lot and she was an avid sewer, so I would sit there all day and go through all her fabric scraps and buttons and just sew, sew, sew. I created all kinds of little things.

Where do the ideas for your pillows and bookend designs originate? From what (or where) do you draw your inspiration?  I draw alot of my inspiration from nature. I like natural, rustic items and also shabby chic. I also love flowers, birds, and animals.

Among the items in your shop, do you have a personal favorite? I really like the french rose pillow, but I also enjoy making the bird pillows because they all turn out a bit different and unique. They are fun to make! My favorite items would probably be though, custom items! I love taking someone else's idea and turning it into a soft piece of useable art!

Why did you decide to open a shop on Etsy?  I opened my shop because I thought it would be fun! I had alot of ideas of things I wanted to make and pillows was one of them. They quickly became my number one seller, so my shop quickly became a pillow shop!

Is there a certain fabric that you prefer to work with? If so, why? I love working with linen. I love the texture of linen and how it sews. I also do love felt. Felt is so practical and comes in so many color choices. Felt can really make a pillow pop!

How do you determine color schemes, i.e. is it based upon current color trends, best selling items, the color wheel, etc? I love soft colors, muted shades, but at the same time I sell alot of fun, whimsical pillows with bright colors. I like the bright pillows for childrens rooms that also appeal to the parents. I do try to go with current color trends too though. Yellow and grey are hot right now and I have recently sold alot of my grey and mustard yellow french rose pillow!

Could you tell us about where you work and how you organize your workspace? Ha! Right now I am working out of our spare bedroom and cut most of my pillows out in our dining room! I would LOVE to have a whole area dedicated soley to my shop. In the future!

And finally, I see that you have several other Etsy shops. Could you tell us a little bit about them?  I do have a vintage shop- dotvintage. It is sadly neglected lately because I have been so busy with this shop. I am always on the outlook for new, old items to add there. I just haven't had the time lately to hunt for them! My little guy, Connor also has a shop which he calls connorsfunshop. He gets such a thrill when he sells something or when someone hearts his shop!

dedeetsy.shop has been very successful on Etsy.  I hope that you will take the time to visit all three of her shops and be sure to heart Connor's shop.  Order early for the holidays....items are currently shipping in 7 to 10 days.

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  1. I love the coordinating trees with the pastel leaves! Makes me wish I had girls...