05 November, 2009

My Dream Show

 Every month members of the Etsy Bloggers team participate in  Carnival Blogs.  One of the questions this month is ...What was your most successful sales event or product, and why do you think it was?

Many years ago I was invited to participate in the Junior League of Washington's (D.C. that is) Holiday show.  It was a wonderful show held at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown D.C.

I had chosen for my theme...tartan plaid, so everything in my booth was either red, green, or tartan plaid.  The booth was very color  coordinated and looked really classy.

Some of the items in my booth were handmade and others were items I had purchased at various wholesale gift shows for resale. The most popular item I sold were these beautiful grapevine geese which were about 18" tall and 24" long.  I still have mine and it remains a centerpiece in my dining room.  I put little tartan plaid bows around their necks and they sold like crazy. 

For two days people lined up at my booth with their purchases just waiting to pay. It was without a doubt my dream show.  I think the show was so successful because of the products I had chosen to sell and the way my booth was decorated.  I believe both product and display are crucial to a successful sales event.